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Geological map of the Conchagua Peninsula, El Salvador

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Rapprich V et al. (2010): Volcanic history of the Conchagua Peninsula (eastern El Salvador)

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Impact factor has risen

We are pleased to announce that, according to the Thompson Reuters 2014 edition of Journal Citation Reports, the impact factor of our Journal has risen to 1.405. My warm thanks are due to all the authors, reviewers and members of the Editorial Board.
V. Janousek, Editor in Chief


Issue 60/2 was published on 15 April 2015:

Trubač J et al.: Petrology and geochemical characteristics of phlogopite ...

Buriánek D and Žáček V: Compositional variations in tourmalines from ...

Plášil J et al.: Svornostite, K2Mg[(UO2)(SO4)2]2∙8H2O, a new uranyl sulfate ...

Plášil J: Crystal structure refinement of pseudojohannite, Cu3(OH)2[(UO2)4O...


About the Journal

Journal of Geosciences is a peer-reviewed Earth Science journal, focused on all aspects of nature and origin of of igneous and metamorphic complexes*. It is published by the Czech Geological Society and is available both in printed and open-access electronic version. The articles are written exclusively in English.

It has been established on 1 January 2007, as a successor of the Journal of the Czech Geological Society.

The Journal is indexed by Web of Science, Scopus, ProQuest, Geobase, GeoRef, DOAJ and EBSCO. It is also member of the CrossRef association and the Geoscience e-Journals webring.


*Please note that papers concerned with palaeontology, sedimentology, stratigraphy and related fields are published solely by our partner journal Bulletin of Geosciences.

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