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Careful examination of monazite Y–Th–U systematics and microtextures of the caledonian Åreskutan migmatite (Sweden) document the multistage growth of this mineral at c. 455 Ma, 439 Ma and 424 Ma

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Majka J et al. (2012): Multiple monazite growth in the Åreskutan migmatite: evidence for a polymetamorphic Late Ordovician to Late Silurian evolution in the Seve Nappe Complex of west-central Jämtland, Sweden

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Issue 60/1 was published on 15 January 2015:

Kampf AR et al.: Plášilite, Na(UO2)(SO4)(OH)•2H2O, a new uranyl sulfate ...

Sejkora J et al.: Unusual morphological forms of hodrušite from the Rozália ...

Škácha P et al.: Sulfur-rich antimonselite, Sb2(Se,S)3 in the Se-bearing mineral...

Galliski MÁ et al.: The anatomy of an albite-type granitic pegmatite from the ...

Włodek A et al.: A phosphate-bearing pegmatite from Lutomia and its relationships...

Holiday present for our readers: all original papers since 1993 are now available online! Credit to Jakub Trubač :-)

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