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The intrusion of the Burd Gol Granite culminated the Caledonian collision in the SE part of the Lake Zone, Gobi Altay. The laser ablation dating of monazites and zircons yields intrusive ages between 506.4 ± 5.4 and 513.4 ± 4.3 Ma (2σ).

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Hrdličková K et al. (2010): Burd Gol Granite Massif as a product of the Late Cambrian post-orogenic magmatism in the SE part of the Lake Zone, Gobi Altay, SW Mongolia

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Issue 63/2 was published on 18 July 2018:

Cempírek J and Novák M: Foreword to the special issue arising from the...

Henry DJ and Dutrow BL: Tourmaline studies through time: contributions to...

Dutrow BL and Henry DJ: Tourmaline compositions and textures: reflections of...

Buřival Z and Novák M: Secondary blue tourmaline after garnet from...

Scribner ED et al.: Mineralogy of Ti-bearing, Al-deficient tourmaline...

Bačík P: The crystal-chemical autopsy of octahedral sites in Na-dominant...

da Silva FS et al.: Chemical and spectroscopic characterization of tourmalines...

Levy EA et al.: Determination of ferrous-ferric iron contents in tourmaline...

Spránitz T et al.: Magmatic and metamorphic evolution of tourmaline-rich...

Farnsworth-Pinkerton S et al.: Provenance of detrital tourmalines from...

Vereshchagin OS et al.: Provenance of Jurassic-Cretaceous siliciclastic rocks...


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