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  (Formerly Journal of the Czech Geological Society)

Editorial Board for the issue 56 / 1 (2011)


Vojtěch Janoušek, Czech Geological Survey/Charles University, Prague

Editorial Board

Vladislav Babuška, Geophysical Institute, Academy of Sciences, Prague

David Dolejš, Charles University, Prague

Emil Jelínek, Charles University, Prague

Václav Kachlík, Charles University, Prague

Jiří Konopásek, University of Bergen, Norway/Czech Geological Survey, Prague, Czech Republic

Jana Kotková, Czech Geological Survey, Prague

František Laufek, Czech Geological Survey, Prague

Milan Novák, Masaryk University, Brno

Jiří Sejkora, National Museum, Prague

Roman Skála, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Stanislav Vrána, Czech Geological Survey, Prague

Miroslav Štemprok, Charles University, Prague

Jiří Žák, Charles University/Czech Geological Survey, Prague

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