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Milan Novák

“TOURMALINE 1997” International Symposium on Tourmaline, June 20 to 25, 1997: From the editor

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 43 (1998), issue 1-2, 1


Minerals of the tourmaline group have become a topic of numerous and thematicaly variable descriptive and experimental studies in the last two decades. Due to extensive substitutions and refractory properties, tourmaline provides a valuable information about conditions of its formation. These. facts and a wide spectrum of tourmaline localities in the Czech Republic inspired Dr. M. Novák (Moravian Museum, Brno) and Prof. F. C. Hawthorne (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg) in the General Meeting of IMA in Pisa, September 1994, to organize international symposium devoted to various aspects of the tourmaline research.
In June 1997, almost 90 scientists from 19 countries participated in the Tourmaline 1997 Symposium organized at the hotel Skalský Dvůr near Nové Město na Moravě. Over 50 contributions presented in the technical session provided almost whole spectrum of current approaches to the tourmaline study and those were also given in the invited lectures presented by B. L. Dutrow, F. C. Hawthorne, D. J. Henry, D. London, G. R. Rossman, W. Schreyer and J. F. Slack. Postsymposium field trip was arranged over 10 localities of tourmaline located in the region of western Moravia and southern Bohemia.
This special issue presents a selection of eleven papers read in the Symposium. Majority of them is focused on mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry of tourmaline from various magmatic and metamorphic rocks. First three papers deal with the chemistry of tourmaline from leucocratic granites and related hydrothermal veins. Tourmaline from granitic pegmatites is a topic of following two articles. Majority of contributions is devoted to petrology and variations in chemistry of tourmaline from metamorphic rocks such as orthogneiss and associated fluorite veins, graphitic quartzite, tourmalinite and metaevaporite and they are given in four papers.
The last two articles include study of Mossbauer spectra of Fe3+ -poor schorls and overview of stable and radiogenic isotope studies of tourmaline.
I would like to express my sincere thank to the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Czech Geological Society and particularly to Dr. S. Vrána, 0. Chlupáčová and all referees for their help in preparation of this issue.

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