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Milan Novák, Vojtěch Janoušek, Jan Košler


Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 42 (1997), issue 3, 1 - 102


This volume contains abstracts of papers submitted to the 10th Meeting of the Association of European Geological Societies (MAEGS-10). The Meeting will be held in the west Bohemian spa of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Czech Republic, on September 1-5, 1997.
Periodic meetings of the European Geological Societies have taken place throughout Europe since 1975. The Association in its present form was established in 1987 in Dubrovnik and since then four scientific meetings were held (1990 Lisbon, 1991 Paris, 1993 Budapest and 1995 St. Petersburg). The prime purpose of the Association of European Geological Societies (AEGS) is to strengthen links between Geological Societies in Europe and also to collaborate with Geological Societies outside Europe. Membership in AEGS is open to all non-governmental societies in Europe active on a country¬wide scale in Earth sciences. At present, the total number of member institutions is 35 from 31 countries. The aim of the biannual Meetings of AEGS is to provide forum for exchange of scientific ideas and to facilitate international and interdisciplinary cooperation in various fields of contemporary Earth sciences.
MAEGS-10 will be held under the title "Challenges to Chemical Geology '97". The sessions will be devoted to five main themes:
(i) Geochemistry of mantle plumes,
(ii) Advancement in radiogenic dating, corroboration of the dates by independent methods,
(iii) Dynamics of rare earth elements in the crust,
(iv) Bohemian Massif enigmas, and
(v) Isotopes in palaeocliniate and environmental studies.
The Meeting Organizers hope that these highlight topics will stimulate a fruitful discussion on the challenges facing geochernists at the very end of the millennium. Geochemistry has been chosen as a discipline that touches on all aspects of modern Earth sciences and has been responsible for many of the recent advances in understanding our planet.
The abstracts are arranged in sections corresponding to the above main themes. Within each section, the abstracts are listed alphabetically. A common Index of Authors is given at the end of the volume to facilitate orientation.
The editors would like to thank the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Czech Geological Society for making this Special Issue possible and Dr. Stanislav Vrána for valuable advice and editorial guidance.

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