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Jaroslav Aichler, Bussinov, Kalenda, Urbánek

State of mining, prospecting and research of ore deposits in the Palaeozoic of Moravia and Silesia (with emphasis on the Jeseniky Mts. area)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 38 (1993), issue 1-2, 31 - 34


Recently only three ore mines are in operation on the territory of Moravia and Silesia: uranium mines Rožná-1 and 2, and Au-Zn deposit Zlaté Hory - west. Prospecting, exploration and research of ore deposits, the exploitation of which was possible only because the mining was subsidized by the Government, have ceased or were strongly reduced. Besides the possibility of unknown large deep-seated deposits the existence of smaller vein and stockwork base metal and gold-bearing ore bodies with higher grades may be expected in the Jeseníky Mts. area.
Despite of the recent situation in the ore mining industry the huge amount of geological information, acquired in the last four decades, is to be preserved, systematically assessed and used in the current and future geological, metallogenic and environmental research and mapping and land use planning. The possibility of an alternative utilization of the abandoned mines and conservation and/or admission of some valuable ore deposits should be assessed as well as their recent and future environmental impacts.

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