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Havlíček, Vaněk, Oldřich Fatka

Floating algae of the genus Krejciella as probable hosts of epiplanktic organisms (Dobrotiva Series, Ordovician; Prague Basin)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 38 (1993), issue 1-2, 79 - 88


The black-shale lithofacies of the Dobrotivá Formation, exposed south of the Šárka fault (northern part of Prague), lacks almost completely the bottom dwelling organisms but has yielded numerous nectic (e.g. trilobites of cyclopygid biofacies), planktic (graptolites), and epiplanktic invertebrates in association with numerous thalli of Krejciella (noncalcareous algae). Judging from densely crowded shells of minute brachiopods arranged in long rows, we suppose that they lived attached to the robust thalli of Krejciella; also the miomerid trilobite Corrugatagnostus and early growth stages of Zeliszkella, often found in long rows, inhabited the algal thalli and lived above the sea floor.

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