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Petr Štorch

Llandovery-Wenlock boundary beds in the graptolite-rich sequence of the Barrandian area (Bohemia)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 39 (1994), issue 2-3, 163 - 182


Temporary excavations at Velká Ohrada and two other sections through the graptolite-rich Llandovery-Wenlock boundary strata have been examined bed by bed. In the St. grandis, Cyrt. insectus, Cyrt. centrifugus, and Cyrt. murchisoni Zones 43 graptolite taxa have been found. The diverse graptolite assemblages are listed, seven poorly known Bouček’s and Přibyl’s species redescribed and Monograptus vittatus sp.n. described. The Barrandian sections account for a distinct change in graptolite fauna at about the base of the insectus Zone as opposed to a very minor change at the base of the centrifugus Zone. The base of the insectus Zone and of the Wenlock Series respectively are correlated with the base of the centrifugus Zone in those regions in abroad (including the type Wenlock area), where the insectus Zone is not recognized.

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