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Ondřej Bábek, Kalvoda, Krejčí

New stratigraphical results in the Paleozoic of the Drahanska vrchovina upland (Moravia, Czech Republic)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 39 (1994), issue 2-3, 197 - 204


Recent conodonts studies have brought some new results which modify the stratigraphical ranges of the limestones of Drahany (Basinal) and Ludmírov (Transitional) development in the Konica-Mladeč Belt (Drahanská vrchovina Upland). The lowermost boundary of the Jesenec Limestone (Drahany development) can be shifted down to the Emsian-Eifelian boundary and the base of sedimentation of the equivalents of the Macocha Formation can be shifted to the Eifelian. The uppermost occurrence of the Jesenec Limestone reaches up to the Middle-Upper Tournaisian boundary. According to these data a considerable part of volcanic activity belongs probably to the Tournaisian as well, which emphasizes the similarity between the sedimentation in the Konica-Mladeč belt and the southern part of the Šternberk-Horní Benešov Belt.

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