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New micromorphological knowledge of the last Pleistocene glacial cycle in the loess profile at Praha-Sedlec

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 39 (1994), issue 4, 319 - 329


The present contribution gives the micromorphological characteristics of the upper-Pleistocene profile at Praha-Sedlec with pedocomplexes PK II and PK III (climatic cycle B). In the subcycle B1 there are preserved remains of soil with an argillic horizon. In the upward direction, the upper subhorizons of this argillic soil are not preserved. The superposed colluvial material is the substrate for further development of the chernozem soil. The most conspicuous feature of this interglacial-glacial sequence is a thin layer of aeolian dust (the marker) contaminated by pedorelicts. Following the deposition of the marker, the surface on a large scale was stripped of vegetation cover and immediately overlapped by pellet sands-sediments of torrential rains as well as by re-sedimentation of loess and sedimentation of early glacial loess.
In the subcycle B2, a duplex humic horizon was identified. Overlapping of this soil by the new marker, repeated re-sedimentation of the subjacent soil took place. A thick loess of the last glacial was deposited over the pellet sands.

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