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Cullum, Loydell

A new species of Neodiplograptus from the Middle Llandovery of the Rheidol Gorge, Wales

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 41 (1996), issue 3-4, 217 - 218


Neodiplograptus peggyae n. sp. is described from the N. magnus Biozone of the Rheidol Gorge, Wales. It occurs here with the biozonal index species, from which it may be distinguished by its lesser rate of increase in dorso-ventral width and in the maximum (2 mm) attained. Like many Neodiplograptus species, N. peggyae appears to have had a restricted geographical distribution. The British biozonal index species, Neodiplograptus magnus, is recognized from Bohemia for the first time.

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