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Jiří K. Novák, Edvín Pivec, Miroslav Štemprok

Hydrated iron phosphates in muscovite-albite granite from Waidhaus (Oberpfalz, Germany)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 41 (1996), issue 3-4, 201 - 207


Association of metavivianite, ludlamite, barbosalite, and Mn-apatite forms fissure infillings and coatings in a muscovite-albite granite stock at Silbergrube near Waidhaus in FRG. Regional position, chemical and mineralogical data relate this granite to highly evolved but Li-F deficient leucogranite with mildly increased P2O5. The P2O5 contents in potash feldspars in the granite range about 0.68 wt. % and in albite between 0.02 and 0.51 wt.%. The existence of a specialized mineralization stage producing phosphorus-rich assemblage in the granite is similar to late stage phosphorus associations in some pegmatites of this area. The phosphorus enrichment in the granites and pegmatites might have been inhereted from basement rocks by remobilization during metamorphic processes or anatectic melting as proposed by Dill (1985). The elevated contents of phoshorus in this area and phosphorus remobilization may also be related to muscovitization of P-rich feldspars and biotite in late- and postmagmatic stages of granite evolution.

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