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Ondřej Bábek

Microfacies analysis of Devonian to lower carboniferous carbonates and its impact on the interpretation of internal architecture of the Konice-Mladeč Belt, Moravia, Czech Republic

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 42 (1997), issue 1-2, 59 - 72


Devonian to Lower Carboniferous carbonate sediments of the central and southern parts of the Konice-Mladeč Belt are composed of 15 microfacies types. The microfacies have been grouped into 4 microfacies associations according to their spatial and temporal relationships. The microfacies associations originated in specific depositional environments: microfacies association A represents distal fore-reef carbonates; microfacies association B represents fore-reef slope to basin plain carbonates; microfacies association C represents distal carbonate slope deposits and basin plain carbonates, and microfacies association D represents proximal carbonate slope deposits. The carbonate complex of the central part of the Konice-Mladeč Belt (Transitional Development) is composed of succession of microfacies associations A and B. Succession of microfacies associations B, C and D constitute the carbonate complex of the southern part of the Konice-Mladeč Belt (Basinal Development). In our opinion both the areas represent originally separated units consolidated during the Variscan orogeny along a significant tectonic line running inside the Konice-Mladeč Belt.

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