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Ivo Chlupáč

Palaeozoic ichnofossils in phyllites near Železný Brod, northern Bohemia

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 42 (1997), issue 1-2, 75 - 86


The epizonally metamorphosed roofing phyllites at Železný Brod, constituents of the Krkonoše-Jizerské hory Metamorphic Complex (West Sudetes Unit of the Bohemian Massif), yielded Palaeozoic ichnofossils probably of Ordovician age. Typical are large stellate forms (”Teichichnusstellatus) and branched traces Phycodes palmatus. Other traces belong to the ichnogenera Bifungites, Dictyodora, Lorenzinia, Megagrapton?, Planolites, Spirodesmos, Spirophycus, Taphrhelminthopsis and to some forms designated informally. The ichnoassemblage shows a deep-water character with relationships to the flysch facies.

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