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Radek Mikuláš

Ordovician of the Barrandian area: Reconstruction of the sedimentary basin, its benthic communities and ichnoassemblages

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 43 (1998), issue 3, 143 - 159


Reconstruction of the development of the Barrandian area during the Ordovician (presented in a form of a series of block-diagrams) enables us to presume: 1, there is a different pattern of development of body fossil assemblages compared to ichnoassemblages; 2, the linear sedimentary basin went through a stepwise change into an open marginal sea; 3, main mechanisms of sedimentation changed in a time (e.g., increase of tempestites towards the end of the Ordovician); 4, the clastic material had been transported mostly from the North in the Late Ordovician; 5, the hitherto published conclusions on the palaeogeography of the Prague basin during the Ordovician do not show substantial inconsistencies if translated into a series of linked three-dimensional models.

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