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Radek Mikuláš

Joint occurrences of body- and trace-fossil communities (Ordovician, Barrandian area, Czech Republic)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 44 (1999), issue 1-2, 69 - 78


Rich associations of benthic fauna accompanied by diversified assemblages of ichnofossils have been found in the Ordovician of the Barrandian area, namely in the Klabava Formation ('Euloma Shales'), in the Šárka Formation (facies of black shales with concretions), in the Letná Formation (layers with the Drabovia redux Community), in the Zahořany Formation and in the Polyteichus Facies of the Bohdalec Formation. The associations of body-and trace fossils in the Letna. Zahořany and Bohdalec Formations are comparable to the Dalmanella Community of the Caradocian of North Wales; the remaining mentioned associations have no described analogies. As the number of analysed associations is limited, their comparison shows rather individual differences than recurring features. However, data compiled by Pickerill and Brenchley (1991) on palaeoenvironmental indicators of marine siliciclastic facies (which comprises also body-fossils and trace fossils) are of the use in the analysis of joint occurrences of body-fossil and trace fossil assemblages.

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