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Jiří Frýda

Secondary shell deposits in a new plectonotid gastropod genus (Bellerophontoidea, Mollusca) from the Early Devonian of Bohemia

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 44 (1999), issue 3-4, 309 - 315


Secondary shell deposits are described in a new plectonotid genus, Blodgettinotus, from the Boucotonotus-Palaeozygopleura Community of the Prague Basin (Bohemia). The new taxon was found in the uppermost part of the Trebotov Limestone (Daleje-Trebotov Formation; late Emsian, late Early Devonian). The genera Boucotonotus and Blodgettinotus share some shell characters and are placed in a new tribe Boucotonotini of the subfamily Plectonotinae. The occurrence of secondary shell deposits in bellerophontiform molluscs is discussed. It is suggested that they were developed independently in several groups of these molluscs; thus, this feature has limited significance for their suprageneric classification

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