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Paleobiogeographical relationships between North Gondwana and South Baltica: The Ivanothyris havliceki fauna (Cantabrian Zone, latest Emsian)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 46 (2001), issue 3-4, 121 - 130


The relationships during the Late Emsian between the Ardenno-Rhenish (Belgium and Germany) area of South Baltica, and the Cantabrian Zone (northern Spain) of North Gondwana are analyzed according to a comparison of the articulate brachiopod faunas of the Cantabrian Faunal Intervals 14 to 16 and the equivalent Ardenno-Rhenish faunas. The value of the systematic determinations of the Cantabrian species are weighted through the abbreviation system proposed by the IGCP 421 leaders. Two new Cantabrian forms, Ivanothyris havliceki sp. nov. and Moniellocyrtina orthoclina gen. et sp. nov. characterize the Faunal Intervals considered and are described and figured.

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