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Boucot, Theron

First Rhipidothyris (Brachiopoda) from Southern Africa: Biostratigraphic, Paleoecological, biogeographical significance

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 46 (2001), issue 3-4, 155 - 160


Discovery and recognition of the terebratuloid brachiopod Rhipidothyris in the Karoopoort Formation of the uppermost Bokkeveld Group permits one to date that formation as of Givetian, later Middle Devonian age. Paleoecologically a low diversity, single species Rhipidothyris Community indicates a Benthic Assemblage 2, shallow subtidal position, with the presence of many articulated shells suggesting relatively quiet water conditions. Rhipidothyris is known elsewhere in Givetian age beds from Bolivia, New York, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Libya (including Devonian beds that Vlada published on), eastern Australia and possibly Fergana. The presence of Rhipidothyris in Bolivia and South Africa is consistent with the presence in each area of relatively warm water conditions, following after the demise of the cold water Malvinokaffric Realm of the Pragian through Eifelian (mid-Early through earlier Middle Devonian).

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