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Keil, Bandel

About Heterostropha (Gastropoda) of the Campanian of Torallola, Spain

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 46 (2001), issue 3-4, 319 - 334


27 species of the Heterostropha (Gastropoda) are reported from the Campanian of Torallola in north-eastern Spain, including 17 new species and two new genera. They belong to a broad variety of families, including the Mathildidae, Amphitomariidae, Ebalidae, Pyramidellidae, Misurinellidae, Acteonellidae, Actaeonidae, Ringiculidae, Ellobiidae, Siphonariidae, and the bullomorph group of the Opisthobranchia. The new genera are Haszprunariella with sinistrally and dextrally coiled members within each species, and Ponsia for a small, trochispiral mathildid sculptured with two strong, nodular spirals and a weak one in between. The new species are: Mathilda campania, Gymnothilda torallolensis, Tirolthilda hispanica, Ponsia catalania, Lemniscolittorina elongata, Ebala gruendeli, Amphitomaria dockeryana, Neamphitomaria torallolia, Haszprunariella laevis, Haszprunariella spiralis, Ringicula abundanta, Ringicula multidenta, Cylindrotruncatum caldera, Goniocylicha laeviata, "Cytichna" acteonelliformis, Laemodonta cretacea and Siphonaria revillaria.

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