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Petr Budil, Oldřich Fatka, Jiří Frýda


Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 49 (2004), issue 3-4, 1


This volume of Journal of Czech Geological Society presents a set of papers submitted on the occasion of conference celebrating 100 years since Prof. RNDr. Bedřich Bouček DrSc., an outstanding geologist and palaeontologist of the 20th century, was born. Prof. Bouček belongs to the most important palaeontologists, who devoted a major part of his scientific activity to study of the Palaeozoic fossils, their systematics and also biostratigraphic aspects. In research of several fossil groups (e.g. graptolites, conulariids, dacryoconarid tentaculites) he was the first, who recognized their biostratigraphic potential. In study of Ordovician and Silurian of the Barrandian area, prof. Bouček applied for the first time some inovative biostratigraphic methodologic approaches, like the detailed analyses of distribution of fossil assemblages (e.g. documentation bed by bed) and/or spatial modelling of complicated lithological development of thick, poorly fossiliferous sedimentary sequences. His compilations opened many new questions in stratigraphy and geology of the seemingly well studied area and brought thus new impulses for palaeontology and biostratigraphy.
We encouraged all contributors to the conference to submit manuscript for this volume. The present special volume contains 8 papers covering various aspects of current palaeontological studies in the Barrandian Lower Palaeozoic and three contributions discuss fossils, trace fossils and stratigraphy of Tertiary sequences of the Bohemian Massif. Two referees reviewed each of the submitted papers. We would like to acknowledge here to all contributors of the papers for the responsible preparation of their manuscripts and for mutual co-operation.
All the contributions are arranged in a stratigraphic order. M. Valent (Charles University Prague) analysed morphometric data of the Middle Cambrian hyolithid species Oboedalites oboediens. O. Fatka (Charles University, Prague) provides a modern, comprehensive evaluation of the classical Middle Cambrian Týřovice - "Pod Hruškou" locality in the Skryje-Týřovice Basin. P. Kraft and J. Kraft (Charles University, Prague and West Bohemian University, Plzeň) established three new forms of dendroid graptoloids from the Lower Ordovician Klabava Formation. Two important collectors of fossils, M. Doubrava and V. Vokáč (both of Plzeň), documented new material of illaenid trilobites in upper levels of the Lower Ordovician Klabava Formation. In a palaecological analyses M. Mergl (West Bohemian University, Plzeň) documented occurrence of the earliest brachiopod-bryozoan community in peri-Gondwanan Europe. R. J. Prokop (National Museum, Prague) established a new species of camerate crinoid from the Silurian Ludlow Series of the Prague Basin. P. Budil (Czech Geological Survey, Prague) described new species of phacopid trilobite with Australian and Laurentian affinities from the Lower Devonian Zlíchov Formation. S. Berkyová (Charles University Prague and Czech Geological Survey, Prague) describes tentaculites from the Middle Devonian Choteč Formation of the Prague Basin.
A little different topics are discussed in three papers. R. Mikuláš (Geological Institute, Academy of Sciences, Prague) presents a study of ichnofabrics developed in the Oligocene silicified sandy weathering products in Western Bohemia, Z. Kvaček discussed very interesting Early Miocene record of Craigia (Malvaceae s.l.) in the Most Basin, North Bohemia and P. Rojík (Sokolovská uhelná a. s., Sokolov) focussed on the recently very actual lithostratigraphic subdivision of sedimentary rocks and volcanic products of the Tertiary Sokolov Basin situated in the north-western Bohemia.
Finally, we would like to express many thanks to all reviewers, who substantially helped us with editorial work on the manuscripts, namely: E. Clarkson and A. Owen (University of Edinburgh), R. Feist (Université de Montpellier), R. Horný (National Museum, Prague), Z. Kvaček (Charles University, Prague), B. Lefebvre (Université de Dijon), O. Lehnert (Universität Erlangen), P. Lukeš (Prague), S. R. Manchester, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, M. Mergl (West Bohemian University, Plzeň), V. Petr (Charles University, Prague), E. Schindler (Forschungs-Institut Senckenberg, Frankfurt a/M.), J. Sakala (Charles University, Prague), P. Štorch (Academy of Sciences, Prague) and A. Uchman (Jagiellonian University, Krakow).

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