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Lampterocrinus astroferus sp. n. (Crinoidea, Camerata) from the Upper Silurian (Ludlow) of the Barrandian area (Czech Republic)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 49 (2004), issue 3-4, 137 - 140


Well preserved remains of the crinoid genus Lampterocrinus Roemer, 1860 were found in the Silurian limestones of the upper part of the Kopanina Formation (Ludlow, Ludfordian) of the Barrandian area. Till present, this genus has been recorded only from the Lower and Middle Silurian strata of USA. Type species of the genus was described from the Beech River Formation, Niagaran (= Wenlockian) of Tennessee; several species have been recorded from the different American states (see: Hall, 1879, Weller, 1900 Foerste, 1917, Strimple, 1963 Witzke-Strimple, 1981, etc.) The Bohemian lampterocrinids belong to the new species described herein as Lampterocrinus astroferus sp. n.

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