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Middle Devonian Tentaculitoidea from the late generation of fillings of the neptunian dyke in the Koněprusy area (Prague Basin, Czech Republic)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 49 (2004), issue 3-4, 147 - 155


A dacryoconarid fauna from one Middle Devonian neptunian dyke in the Voskop Quarry (Koněprusy area, Prague Basin, central Bohemia) with Acanthopyge Limestone infill was studied. Nine species belonging to seven tentaculitoid genera (Nowakia, Viriatellina, Styliolina, Metastyliolina, Stylionowakia and Homoctenus) were identified. The stratigraphic position of the neptunian dyke infill is also discussed. Two new species, Viriatellina babaluae sp. nov. (Nowakiidae) and Lukesia elixi gen. et sp. nov. (Striatostyliolinidae), are described. Viriatellina holochlidana Schöne, 1996, was found in the Prague Basin for the first time.

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