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Zlatko Kvaček

Early Miocene records of Craigia (Malvaceae s.l.) in the Most Basin, North Bohemia - Whole plant approach

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 49 (2004), issue 3-4, 161 - 171


Fossil records of Craigia bronnii (Malvaceae, Tilioideae) including fruits, flower buds and a flower as well as associated foliage of Dombeyopsis lobata are summarised from the Early Miocene Most Basin, northern Bohemia, the type area of the species. The typification and local synonymies are provided. The reconstructed plant is compared with the nearest living relative Craigia yunnanensis from southern China and northern Vietnam considering the floral, fruit, and leaf morphology and epidermal anatomy as well as autecology.

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