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Jiří Sejkora, Petr Ondruš, Fikar, František Veselovský, Mach, Ananda Gabašová

New data on mineralogy of the Vysoký Kámen deposits near Krásno, Slavkovský les area, Czech Republic

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 51 (2006), issue 1-2, 43 - 55


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Detailed mineralogical study focused on two deposits located on slopes of the Vysoký Kámen hill near Krásno in the proximity of the town of Horní Slavkov in Czech Republic. The open pit exploiting industrial feldspar material (mainly feldspathites and aplitic granites) offerred new finds of minerals in the Slavkovský les. The following minerals were identified: autunite, bertrandite, beryl, goethite, hematite, koechlinite, kolbeckite, meta-autunite, powellite and scheelite. In the nearby abandoned greisen deposit a phosphate mineral association was observed consisting of cacoxenite, leucophosphite, vivianite, wavellite and minerals of the chalcosiderite-turquoise do strengite-variscite series. In addition to them dickite and goethite were identified. The genesis of these mineral associations is discussed.

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