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František Laufek, Roman Skála, Jakub Haloda, Cisařová

Crystal structure of vanadinite: Refinement of anisotropic displacement parameters

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 51 (2006), issue 3-4, 271 - 275


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The structure of vanadinite, Pb5(VO4)3Cl, from Mibladén, Morocco, was refined from single-crystal X-ray data. The full anisotropic structural refinement was carried out in the hexagonal space group P63/m, unit cell parameters a = 10.2990(2), c = 7.3080(1) A Å, V = 671.30(2) AÅ 3, Z = 2, with an R factor of 0.0197. The full anisotropic crystal structure refinement results in smaller departures of bond valence sums for cations from the ideal value than the isotropic one.

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