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Jiří Sejkora, Jiří Čejka, Vladimír Šrein

Supergene uranium mineralization from Horní Halže near Mědenec (Krušné hory Mountains), Czech Republic

Journal of Geosciences, volume 52 (2007), issue 3-4, 199 - 210


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Supergene uranium mineralization was studied at Horní Halže near Měděnec, Krušné hory Mountains, Czech Republic with the help of optical and electron scanning microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction and chemical analyses. The uranyl minerals kasolite, metatorbernite, phosphuranylite, šreinite, uranophane and uranosphaerite, together with goethite and bismutoferrite, were observed and described in detail. Chemical composition and unit-cell parameters of the minerals studied are given and compared with published data. Possible paragenetic sequences and conditions of origin are discussed.

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