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Vojtěch Janoušek

Journal of Geosciences gains an impact factor!

Journal of Geosciences, volume 56 (2011), issue 2, 141 - 142

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It is exactly five years since I had here the honour of announcing a launch of the Journal of Geosciences, a considerably changed successor of the former Journal of the Czech Geological Society with over of 50 years of tradition. This June has brought news very important for us. Shortly after having been accepted to the Thompson‘s Current Contents and Science Citation Index Expanded databases, our Journal has gained an impact factor. The initial value is 1.026, which falls just slightly above the median of the field (Geosciences, multidisciplinary). This is important not only for all of you involved but also for other small society-run journals, as it provides a further evidence that they are able to sustain the concurrence of the large publishing houses. It also proves that the Open Access Journal concept we have opted for, offering free Internet access and on line publishing of electronic supplementary materials, might be the right one.

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