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Received: 6 October 2012
Accepted: 6 October 2012
Online: 15 October 2012
H. Editor: V. Janoušek
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More articles on Post-Variscan magmatic/volcanic activity of the Bohemian Massif


František V. Holub, Vladislav Rapprich, Vojtěch Erban, Zoltán Pécskay, Bedřich Mlčoch, Jitka Míková

Erratum to: “Petrology and geochemistry of the Tertiary alkaline intrusive rocks at Doupov, Doupovské hory Volcanic Complex (NW Bohemian Massif)” Journal of Geosciences 55: 251–278

Journal of Geosciences, volume 57 (2012), issue 3, 197


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