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Ore minerals, mineral deposits and processes of their formation

Distribution of mineral deposits in various geotectonic s settings and mineralization epochs. Metallogeny of the Bohemian massif and of the Western Carpathians. Classification of the types of mineral deposits. Occurrences and structures of mineral deposits in different lithologies, position of mineral deposits in the host rocks ,sequences of formation of mineral assemblages, genetic /spatial relation to specific intrusive rocks. Studies of physico-chemical processes leading to the origin of mineral deposits. Geochemical methods used in revealing the genesis and nature of ore minerals and mineral deposits. Significance of ore minerals. Studies of chemical compositions, mechanism of chemical substitutions and crystal structures of ore minerals.

Special issue:
Mineral deposits and ore-forming processes in spatial, temporal and geodynamic context (a special issue in honor of Professor Zdeněk Pouba)
Guest editors David Dolejš, Emil Jelínek and Zdeněk Johan

The missing link between granites and granitic pegmatites

Thomas R, Davidson P

Journal of Geosciences, volume 58 (2013), issue 2, pages 183 - 200

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