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Virtual special volumes

These "Virtual Volumes" are collections of topical papers with similar focus published in the Journal of Geosciences over the years. The papers are hand-picked by responsible editors; the real thematic sets of papers which have appeared as a single issue are also indicated.

Deep crustal metamorphism and lower-crustal/upper-mantle processes

Structural, petrological and geochemical studies of granulites, felsic gneisses, eclogites, garnet...

Granitic magmatism in collisional orogens

Many issues regarding the compositional variability, possible sources and significance of...

Evolved felsic igneous systems and granitic pegmatites

Various highly evolved felsic igneous systems and granitic pegmatites in particular represent the...

Ore minerals, mineral deposits and processes of their formation

Distribution of mineral deposits in various geotectonic s settings and mineralization epochs....

Crystal chemistry of rock-forming and accessory minerals: Implications for petrogenesis

Studies of chemical composition, compositional variations, evolutionary trends, textural and...

Supergene minerals and element mobility in the environment

Mineralogy of supergene phases plays a crucial role for the knowledge of mobility and transport of...

Deep structure of the Bohemian Massif revealed by geophysical methods

Among the geophysical methods studying deep structure of the crust and mantle lithosphere of the...

Geodynamic evolution of the Bohemian Massif

Tectonic evolution of the Bohemian Massif is a key issue in understanding the formation of the...

Post-Variscan magmatic/volcanic activity of the Bohemian Massif

Post-Variscan evolution of the Bohemian Massif has been repeatedly associated with continental...

Magmatic and metamorphic processes in the Western Carpathians

Students of the Variscan Belt of Europe frequently note incomplete if not fragmental state of...

Geology of Mongolia

Endless steppe, rugged mountains and deserts of Mongolia hide away great mineral potential and...

Geology of the Central American magmatic arc

Subduction-related magmatism in the today’s Central America has taken place upon various plate...

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