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  (Formerly Journal of the Czech Geological Society)


Miroslav Štemprok, Stanislav Vrána


Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 39 (1994), issue 1, 1 - 126


This issue of the Journal of the Czech Geological Society contains abstracts of lectures and posters submitted to the joint meeting of the Geologische Vereiningung and the Czech Geological Society in 1994.
This meeting held February 17-19, 1994 in Prague is organized in cooperation with the Czech Geological Society, Faculty of Natural Science of the Charles University and the Geological Institute of the Academy of Science in Prague.
The abstracts for oral and poster presentation were selected by the Scientific Committee of the joint meeting which consists of representatives of both the Societies. The session of this Comittee was held November 8, 1993 in Prague. The abstracts were introduced to the Committee by Z. Mísař.
The editorial board of the Journal of the Czech Geological Society decided to make only the most necessary linguistic corrections in the original text of some of the abstracts and thus left mostly the version of abstracts presented by the authors.
The abstracts are listed in alphabetical order according to the names of the first and are not differentiated as to oral and poster presentation.
The Scientific Comittee at its session also agreed that the issue would also contain the recent proposal for the geological subdivision of the Czech part of the Bohemian Massif which was accepted by the former Czechoslovak Stratigraphic Commission and published in Czech in 1992. This proposal is not commonly known to the geologic public outside the territory of the Czech Republic.
The main reason for printing the abstracts in the periodical Journal of the Czech Geological Society is that the information presented in abstracts can be regularly quoted in the geological literature.
We wish to thank warmly Dr. Milan Kunst for his hard and uneasy work in preparation of the manuscripts of abstracts for computer printing.

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