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Radek Mikuláš

Bioturbation of freshwater sediments of the Semily Formation (late Carboniferous, Podkrkonosi Basin, Czech Republic)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 38 (1993), issue 3-4, 183 - 187


Strongly bioturbated layers in sandy siltstones, showing thickness of several decimeters and horizontal extent of meters or tens of meters, have been ascertain in the lower and middle parts of the Semily Formation (Stephanian C). The very abundant ichnofossils have been determined as ?Palaeophycus cf. P. tubularis Hall, 1847; it seems to be an individual transitional form between ichnogenera Palaeophycus and Planolites. Besides a feeding function of the described ichnofossil, the possibility that it represents cubichnia or fugichnia (shelters protecting from drying) is discussed.

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