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Jiří Frýda

Further new gastropods from the Early Devonian Boucotonotus-Palaeozygopleura Community of the Prague Basin

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 44 (1999), issue 3-4, 317 - 325


In this short paper, further new gastropods from the Early Devonian Boucotonotus-Palaeozygopleura Community of the Prague Basin (Bohemia) are described. The discovery of Kolihadiscus in the uppermost part of the Trebotov Limestone shows that this genus extends across whole stratigraphic range of the Boucotonotus-Palaeozygopleura Community (i. e., from the lowermost Lochkovian to the uppermost Emsian). The Early Devonian genera Paleuphemites and Prokopites gen. nov., differing by distinct collabral ornamentation from all Carboniferous-Permian Euphemitidae, are placed in a new subfamily Paleuphemitinae. The discovery of a large non-planktotrophic protoconch in Pragozyga gen. nov. demonstrates that this new genus is a further member of the order Stylogastropoda. New taxa: Kolihadiscus tureki tenuis subsp. nov., Paleuphemitinae subfam. nov.: Prokopites holynensis gen. et sp. nov., and Pragozyga costata gen. et sp. nov

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