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Roman Skála, Jiří Frýda, J Sekanina

Mineralogy of the Vicenice octahedrite

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 45 (2000), issue 1-2, 175 - 192


The iron meteorite Vicenice was recovered in October 1911 E of village Vícenice. Its original dimensions were 180 x 90 x 65 mm and weight 4650 g. Based on the bandwidth of kamacite lamellae the Vicenice iron is a medium octahedrite (Om). Chemically, this meteorite belongs to IID irons. Except kamacite and taenite, the meteorite also contains schreibersite, troilite, daubreelite, chromite and an unidentified chlorine-containing iron (hydro?)oxide. Schreibersite is encountered in several forms with distinct chemistries; one of them represents a Ni-dominant phase, which has been approved recently as a new mineral - nickelphosphide. Several troilite grains are characterized by elevated contents of chromium. Optical observations indicate that several shock-induced deformations affected the meteorite in the space. Cooling rate was estimated to be in the order of 1.5-2 °C/Ma. X-ray powder diffraction proved goethite and lepidocrocite as main corrosion products in the weathering crust coating the meteorite.

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