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Some new or little known cephalopods from the Lower Devonian Pragian carbonate shelf (Prague Basin, Bohemia) with remarkson Lochkovian and Pragian cephalopod evolution

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 46 (2001), issue 3-4, 269 - 286


The Pragian Stage was the time of the Devonian cephalopod radiation on the peri-Gondwana and Perunica carbonate shelves after the Lochkovian-Pragian Boundary Event. The Pragian cephalopods differ from the Silurian cephalopods in some new aspects of the shell morphology due adaptation to a nectobenthic mode of life in the Pragian. Some new or little known Pragian cephalopod taxa - oncocerids Uloceras pupus (Barrande, 1877), Naedyceras branzovensis sp. nov., Goldringia gondola sp. nov., Bohemojovellania bouskai gen. et sp. nov., barrandeocerid Nephriticerina chuchlensis sp. nov., orthocerids Suloceras gen. nov., and Thalesoceras gen. nov., are described from the Prague Basin. The major stages in cephalopod evolution preceeding the Pragian radiation are discussed.

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