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František Veselovský, P Ondruš, Ananda Gabašová, Jan Hloušek, Vlašimský, Chernyshev

Who was who in Jáchymov mineralogy II

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 48 (2003), issue 3-4, 193 - 205


The paper presents biographic data of persons, after whom new primary minerals discovered at Jáchymov were named (K. Sternberg, W. H. Miller, G. A. Krutov), as well as the recently discovered secondary minerals (J. Vajdák, J. Čejka, J. Švenek). Biographics of scientists who described new minerals from Jáchymov are given in the following part (F. E. Brückmann, I. Born, A. G. Werner, H. Dauber, G. A. Kenngott, W. Sartorius v. Waltershausen, F. Sandberger, R. Nováček, R. A. Vinogradova). Biographies of persons who significantly contributed to mineralogy of the Jáchymov ore district are presented in the last section (F. Babánek, J. Štěp, R. Zückert, R. P. Dubinkina, R. V. Geceva, F. Mrňa, M. Komárek, D. Pavlů). This contribution is a continuation of the 1997 article Who was who? - In names of secondary minerals discovered in Jáchymov [561] dealing exclusively with secondary minerals.

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