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Kristína Petrasová, Shah Wali Faryad, Petr Jeřábek, Eliška Žáčková

Origin and metamorphic evolution of magnesite-talc and adjacent rocks near Gemerská Poloma, Slovak Republic

Journal of Geosciences, volume 52 (2007), issue 1-2, 125 - 132


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Magnesite and talc deposit Gemerská Poloma is located in Early Palaeozoic rocks of the Gemericum, Slovakia. It experienced both Variscan and Alpine greenschist-facies regional metamorphism and was overprinted by contact metamorphism connected with the intrusion of a Permian granite. As the origin of talc in Mg-carbonate rocks from this locality is interpreted as a result of either regional or contact metamorphism, relation of talc formation to these two processes is critically discussed. The estimated P-T conditions (6-7 kbar at 400 ºC), reached during Alpine metamorphism, were obtained from the Permian metagranite that was not affected by the Variscan metamorphic event. The calculated P-T conditions were verified using various thermobarometers and pseudosections for biotite- and garnet-bearing assemblages in the metagranite.

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