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Stuart J. Mills, Pamela S. Whitfield, Anthony R. Kampf, Siobhan A. Wilson, Gregory M. Dipple, Mati Raudsepp, Georges Favreau

Contribution to the crystallography of hydrotalcites: the crystal structures of woodallite and takovite

Journal of Geosciences, volume 57 (2012), issue 4, 273 - 279


The crystal structures of the 3R polytypes of takovite and woodallite are presented. The structure of takovite was solved on a single crystal from the Agoudal mine, Bou Azzer district, Tazenakht, Morocco to R1 = 1.87 % for 94 unique reflections [Fo>4σF] in R-3m, with unit cell parameters a = 3.0290(2) and c = 22.5995(15) Å. The crystal structure of woodallite [space group R-3m, with unit cell parameters a = 3.10124(8) and c = 23.6817(16) Å] was refined utilising the Rietveld method on a sample from the MKD5 orebody at the Mount Keith Nickel Mine, Western Australia.

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