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Žítt, Kopáčová, Nekovařík, Peza

New data on the Late Cenomanian taphocoenose at Kuchyňka near Brázdim (Bohemian Cretaceous Basin)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 47 (2002), issue 1-2, 55 - 64


A section in a body of Late Cenomanian lydite conglomerate (Korycany Member), ca. 6 m thick, was exposed on the SW foot of the lydite elevation at Kuchyňka near Brázdim (central Bohemia) in 1999. Matrix from the upper portions of this body provided rare and unique fauna, mostly represented by echinoderms, gastropods and bivalves. The echinoderms are dominated by echinoids with prevailing species Phymosoma cenomanense (Cotteau). The find of an asteroid related to, or identical with, Metopaster thoracifer Geinitz at this locality is new for the Bohemian Cretaceous. Gastropods are small in size, with 19 species so far identified (Prosobranchia-Archaeogastropoda- 9 species, P.-Caenogastropoda - 8 species, Opistobranchia-Entomotaeniata - 2 species). Bivalves are represented by a number of poorly identifiable species among which the most prominent are rudists (Ichthyosarcolites sp., Araeopleura sp.) and boring forms (Lithodomus sp.) dwelling in massive skeletons of sponge type. The wide range of taphonomic features (fragmentation, disarticulation, abrasion, a.o.) of organic remains indicates that the taphocoenose is of markedly mixed nature, defined by the general character of shallow-marine environment with frequent recycling, high mobility of sediments with bioclasts, but also local possibility of rapid burial.

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