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Vašíček, Skupien

Notes on some rare Barremian/Aptian ancyloceratids from the Silesian Unit (Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic)

Journal of the Czech Geological Society, volume 47 (2002), issue 1-2, 65 - 71


The Silesian Unit belongs to the system of nappes of the Outer, or also Flysch Western Carpathians. This unit, particularly its Lower Cretaceous deposits of the basinal Godula development, is well-known for abundant occurrences of ammonites in the Barremian and the Early Aptian. Sporadic finds of poorly known or unknown ancyloceratids from the Late Barremian and the lowermost Aptian are described in the submitted contribution. These finds, one of which justified description of a new species, broaden the existing knowledge of the composition of ammonite assemblages in the Silesian Unit and contribute to the knowledge of paleobiogeography and paleogeographic communication between European sedimentary areas at the time close to the Barremian/Aptian boundary.

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