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Martin Števko, Jiří Sejkora, Peter Bačík

Mineralogy and origin of supergene mineralization at the Farbište ore occurrence near Poniky, central Slovakia

Journal of Geosciences, volume 56 (2011), issue 3, 273 - 298


Supergene mineralization at the hydrothermal Farbište ore occurrence near Poniky, central Slovakia, was studied using optical and electron scanning microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, electron microprobe and IR spectroscopy. Two principal associations of the supergene minerals were observed. The first is represented mostly by tyrolite with a higher content of sulphate groups and chrysocolla associated with copper carbonates. The second is characterized by a rich assemblage of copper arsenates: low-S tyrolite, strashimirite, parnauite, olivenite, cornwallite, cornubite, euchroite and clinoclase, which occur together with chrysocolla, bariopharmacosiderite-Q, brochantite, azurite and malachite. Both associations formed as a result of decomposition of primary ore minerals, especially tennantite, which is the prevalent primary ore mineral at the Farbište occurrence and was the main source of Cu, As and S ions in the supergene zone.

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