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Geology of Mongolia

Endless steppe, rugged mountains and deserts of Mongolia hide away great mineral potential and glamorous geological phenomena which attract geologists from all over the world to discover them. Papers presented in the Journal of Geosciences focus on the areas in the SW Mongolia, most of all in the remote Trans-Altay Gobi and junction of the Mongolian and Gobi Altay mountains ranges. Majority of papers describe geology, geochemistry and age of the Palaeozoic plutonic bodies, PT conditions of newly recognized metamorphic complexes are also mentioned. The Mesozoic volcanic activity related to the Gobi Altay rift evolution is documented by isotopic data. Geophysical cross-section revealed internal structure of the intra-continental Bogd fault system, exceptional is discovery of mud spots related to seismic activity on this fault. Location of palaeoplacers with up to cm large gold nuggets confirmed the dry stream-sediments geochemistry to be a suitable method for regional prospection in arid areas of Mongolia.

Special issue:
‘Magmatic evolution of Mongolian part of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and its geodynamic significance
Guest editors Karel Schulmann, Ochir Gerel and Wen Jiao Xiao

Special issue: Geology of the Mongolian Altay Guest editor Pavel Hanžl


Hanžl P

Journal of Geosciences, volume 53 (2008), issue 2, pages 119 - 122

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